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ABC Safety Report: Construction Companies Can Be Nearly 6 Times Safer Than the Industry Average Through Best Practices 

According to the latest 2024 Safety Performance Report by Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), construction companies can be nearly 6 times safer by adopting best practices compared to the industry average. These findings underscore the tremendous impact that structured safety systems and commitment from top management can have on reducing workplace incidents. 

The ABC report highlights the success of the STEP Safety Management System, which has been a cornerstone in helping achieve an astounding 576% safer working environment compared to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics construction industry average. Since its inception in 1989, STEP has offered companies a no-cost, comprehensive framework to measure and benchmark safety performance. 

Key findings from the report based on over 900 million work hours include: 

  • Top Management Engagement: Active involvement from the highest levels of management has led to a 54% reduction in total recordable incident rates. 
  • Substance Abuse Prevention: Implementing strong substance abuse policies contributes to a 47% decrease in incident rates. 
  • New Hire Safety Orientation: A thorough indoctrination into company safety cultures reduces incident rates by 45%. 
  • Frequency of Toolbox Talks: Daily safety discussions can lower incident rates by up to 81%. 

Greg Sizemore, ABC’s Vice President of Health, Safety, Environment, and Workforce Development, emphasizes that the tools provided by the safety report and STEP system allow industry leaders to achieve and sustain incident-free work environments. This commitment to safety enhances operational efficiency and ensures that every worker returns home safely. 

As Buddy Henley, President of Henley Construction Co. Inc. and 2024 Chair of the ABC National Board of Directors, puts it, integrating health and safety into every action is not just a goal—it’s a core ABC value that demands a relentless pursuit of excellence and accountability. 

For seven consecutive years, the ABC Safety Performance Report has delineated clear pathways toward establishing and maintaining industry-leading safety programs. The insights gained from the STEP member companies reveal actionable strategies that can dramatically improve health and safety outcomes on construction sites. 

We invite companies from Kansas and Missouri to join this safety movement. The deadline to sign up for the STEP program is August 31, 2024. There’s no better time to commit to enhancing your safety protocols than today. This opportunity is open to any company looking to boost safety standards and protect its workforce. Start your journey towards exceptional safety by visiting today.  

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