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Drug Free Workplace


Pledge to run a drug and alcohol-free workplace

Many industries endure the consequences of their employees abusing drugs. The construction industry is not exempt from the ramifications of substance abuse, and it is critical that address this problem.

Drug abuse costs employers $81 Billion dollars every year.

While the monetary cost is astounding, the impact on employees, morale, and organizational structure can be even more devastating. Drug abuse can lead to tiredness, poor decision making, withdrawal, and trouble with law enforcement.

According to NCADI statistics, alcohol and drug users use more sick days, are less productive, and are more likely to injure themselves or someone else. Drug use in the workplace poses an enormous threat to maintaining the safety of jobsites and employees.

As we prioritize safety on our jobsites and in our workplaces it is imperative we work to eliminate injuries and fatalities due to substance-abuse related incidents.

Unfortunately, not all companies possess the resources to successfully implement an effective substance abuse policy. That’s why ABC has partnered with various construction trade organizations in the creation of the Construction Coalition for a Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace (CCFDAW).

The CCDAFW’s mission is to establish industry-wide recognition, and advocate the implementation of a strong substance abuse policy, as well as provide industry best practices to help achieve the goal of zero substance abuse-related incidences on the jobsite.

Act now and take the pledge to become a partner in the Construction Coalition for a Drug- and Alcohol-Free Workplace.

We are asking all ABC Heart of America members to take the pledge and become a partner in the Construction Coalition for a Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace.

The pledge reads:

“I pledge that my company will take reasonable action to create and maintain a workplace free from substance abuse. My company will work to increase awareness of the dangers of substance abuse within our workplace and throughout the construction industry.”

Take the pledge today by clicking here!

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