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Safer Construction Sites: ABC’s STEP Program


ABC is focused on creating safer construction sites for workers. One of the ways they help members with this goal is by offering a unique program known as the Safety Training Evaluation Process (STEP). STEP is a safety benchmark and improvement tool that focuses on developing top-notch safety performance in the construction industry.

History of STEP

STEP was first created in 1989. Unlike many other safety programs, STEP was written by contractors for contractors. Members who opt to participate are asked to honestly measure their safety processes using 20 critical components. The goal of the questionnaire is to improve job safety by reducing the likelihood of on-the-job accidents and also to enhance security.

The Benefits of STEP

If you are interested in creating safer construction sites and a better work environment, then it’s time to participate in STEP. STEP helps companies outline a pathway to improve and build upon their existing safety program. Besides reducing workplace accidents, the participants also reap the benefits of lower works compensation insurance premiums. STEP participants are 670 percent safer than the industry average. Up to 85 percent also reduce recordable workplace accidents.

Who Can Participate in STEP

ABC member contractors and suppliers are encouraged to participate in STEP. Currently, ABC is accepting enrollment for the wildly successful program. Participation is not based on the size of the company or how many employees they employ. All are welcome to join STEP.

How STEP Works

Participants in STEP are asked to take the time to score their levels of achievement on a weighted component scale. They must also document their incident rates. A recognition level is bestowed based on the data compiled and supplied. The recognition levels include Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

Applying for STEP

There is no charge to participate in STEP. There are nominal fees for certain recognition plaques or to submit a paper application. The application fees vary depending on the recognition level. Gold, Silver, and Bronze are free. The STEP application deadline for the ABC Heart of America Chapter is Friday, August 24, 2018.

Accredited Quality Contractor

Construction firms that achieve the Diamond or Platinum rating are eligible for the Accredited Quality Contractor (AQC) program. The AQC is an honor in the industry and within the business community. AQC companies have displayed superior skills, safer construction sites, and also excelled in the following:

  • Quality
  • Employee Benefit
  • Safety
  • Training
  • Community Training

Special Recognition and Awards

All STEP Diamond and Platinum recipients become eligible for the ABC National Safety Excellence Award (NSEA) plus the Construction Users Roundtable (CURT) Construction Industry Safety Excellence (CISE) Award. ABC HOA recognizes all of our STEP participants at the annual Excellence in Construction Awards Banquet.

The STEP program offered by ABC shows that employers genuinely care about on-the-job safety and their employees by creating safer construction sites. Overall, the program also helps companies improve performance which benefits the industry, employers, and employees.

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